Where the weight goes

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Emotional eating

If you find that when you are bored, anxious, stressed or depressed, it affects when, how much and what you eat, you may be eating for reasons other than hunger (e.g. emotions). Many people may gravitate towards comfort foods like chips, chocolate, ice cream when they experience stress or changes in mood. Emotional eating can lead to overeating, as you are not satisfying your hunger. It is important to speak to your healthcare provider if this happens frequently.


If you are overweight, now is not the time to lose weight. Talk to your healthcare provider about the recommended weight gain for your pre-pregnancy BMI and set goals specific to you. 



If you are underweight or struggling with an eating disorder, talk to your healthcare provider about working with a counselor and dietitan throughout your pregnancy. Talk to these professionals about the right amount of weight gain for your pre-pregnancy BMI 


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